Friday, January 16, 2009

USC Consulting Group a Participating Sponsor of 2009 Distressed Investing Conference

Tampa-based USC Consulting Group, LLC, (USCCG) will be a participating sponsor of the 2009 Distressed Investing Conference in Las Vegas, NV, January 21 - 23.

The conference, hosted by the Turnaround Management Association and The Deal, LLC, will provide a venue for some 400 corporate restructuring professionals and corporate and financial dealmakers to meet and exchange ideas on how to capitalize on opportunities inherent in distressed properties.

USCCG, a world-class operations management consulting firm, takes to the conference 40 years of experience in transforming distressed companies into profitable, sustainable businesses. Tom Klebeck, director of finance, and Eric Clerk, senior regional manager, will represent the firm at the event. Mr. Klebeck is co-author of "Unlocking the Hidden Value in Portfolio Holdings" and "Timely Visibility Improves Performance of Portfolio Holdings," white papers produced by USCCG.

"We deeply appreciate the importance of turnarounds in the current environment and near horizon," said Mr. Klebeck of USCCG's participation. "We also know the value of our pure operational improvement approach is an important tool for a traditional financial restructuring firm managing a distressed asset."

He added, "We have a solid history of helping private equity investors evaluate, integrate, and improve the performance of their holdings through consolidating operations, reducing inventory, and product rationalization. We are also very adept at increasing throughput, reducing costs, eliminating waste, increasing productivity, improving quality, and leveraging existing assets."

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About USC Consulting Group (USCCG)

USCCG is an independent operations management consulting firm with nearly 40 years' experience in the area of business performance improvement. It combines extensive subject matter expertise with enabling technology to drive and sustain superior operational and financial results. The firm offers an array of services that include Six Sigma, Lean enterprise transformation, supply chain optimization, process improvement, project management, value stream mapping, training and facilitation, blended learning solutions, modeling and simulation, world class maintenance management, and asset performance management services. USCCG is a Microsoft Managed partner headquartered in Tampa, FL. It also has offices in Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto. It numbers many private equity sponsors among its clientele. For more information, visit

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