Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trinity Consultants Provides Air Emission Control Training to Environmental Professionals in the Middle East

Environmental consulting firm Trinity Consultants will send two senior staff to Dubai to train environmental professionals from the region on air emissions control on February 8-9, 2009. Jay Hofmann, president/CEO of Trinity and Dr. Hung-Ming Sung, senior director, will instruct the course covering best practices in emission monitoring and control, internal control procedures, and how these methodologies dovetail with climate change concerns. The course is offered under the sponsorship of VMAC Group, a business intelligence company that organizes training events and conferences on strategic issues.

Mr. Hofmann is a veteran in the environmental field with more than two decades of experience assisting organizations with environmental regulatory compliance management, specializing in air quality issues. He has taught scores of training courses for industrial organizations and regulatory personnel on issues such as air pollution control techniques, U.S. regulatory requirements and permitting requirements, air quality dispersion modeling techniques, and climate change issues. He is also one of the firm's foremost authorities on U.S. EPA air quality regulations affecting industrial sources.

Dr. Sung is a recognized authority in air quality emissions quantification and control, air dispersion modeling for accidental releases, and EH&S management information systems, with specialized expertise in the petroleum refining industry. Dr. Sung has taught several courses in the Middle East previously on environmental impact assessment and air dispersion modeling. She is a frequent instructor of courses sponsored by Trinity Consultants and other professional organizations in the U.S.

Complete course details for the course can be found on the VMAC Group Web site. Information on other courses provided by Trinity Consultants is available on trinityconsultants.com/training.

Founded in 1974, Trinity Consultants has offices in 26 U.S. cities and China and performs over 2000 environmental consulting projects annually related to environmental management issues. Trinity also provides environmental modeling software/data, EH&S information management systems implementation, and staffing services for EH&S positions. For more information on Trinity's training program, visit trinityconsultants.com/training or call (800) 613-4473.

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