Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oxford Consulting Acquires Conformix Technologies, Inc. Assets

Oxford Consulting Group, Inc., a leading provider of information technology (IT) consulting services to the Global 2000, announced today that it has purchased assets from Conformix Technologies, Inc., a firm specializing in information security and IT risk management. With the Conformix purchase, Oxford will launch a consulting practice focused on providing these services to new and existing clients nationally.

"IT risk management and information security are increasingly among the top concerns for today's Chief Information Officer (CIO)," said Michelle Abreu, Chairman and President, Oxford Consulting Group.

"With the Conformix asset acquisition, Oxford is positioned to deliver industry-recognized expertise in this critical business area. Executives need to know their data is safe and now our customers can feel confident knowing that we are leaders in the industry," said Abreu.

"Oxford Consulting is a great fit for our expertise," said Rob Burns, IT Risk Management Director, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and former principal at Conformix.

"We know that designing and implementing an IT risk management program is a complex but crucial project facing Oxford's customers. We also know that our new Information Security and IT Risk Management practice offer state-of- the-art, specialized solutions for them. Being able to bring these customers peace of mind knowing their business applications are protected and their confidential data are secured is exciting for us," said Burns.

About Oxford Consulting Group, Inc.

Oxford Consulting Group, Inc. is a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States. With more than 120 consultants nationwide, the organization is committed to providing holistic solutions to its clients. By focusing on a core set of products and services, Oxford is strategically-positioned to partner with companies for the long term. Oxford assists its clients in developing sound business strategies that provide flexibility and adaptability. This philosophy is the cornerstone of all Oxford's business-value based solutions. For more information about Oxford Consulting Group, telephone +1 866 595 6700, or visit the Oxford Consulting Web site at: .

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