Thursday, February 5, 2009

ECG Management Consultants Announces Start of the 2009 National Pediatric Subspecialty Physician Compensation, Production and Benefits Survey

ECG Management Consultants, Inc., one of the nation’s premier healthcare management consulting firms, today announced the commencement of the National Pediatric Subspecialty Physician Compensation, Production, and Benefits Survey, year 2009 based on 2008 data.

ECG has invited children’s hospitals and pediatric organizations from around the nation to participate in this important study. The survey has been designed to address the complexities of the tripartite mission of academic medical centers with nonacademic settings that employ pediatric subspecialists. The survey will contain data for pediatric and surgical subspecialty physicians and faculty practicing in freestanding children’s hospitals, academic medical centers, children’s hospitals within hospitals, and community-based organizations and physician groups.

The 2008 study included physician performance benchmarks for over 2,000 pediatric medicine and surgical subspecialists practicing in 36 specialties within 24 physician organizations.

Participating organizations will receive the following:

  • Benchmarks and standards that are not available within the pediatric community.
  • Accurate market information that provides an “apples to apples” comparison of compensation and production statistics (e.g., total and work RVUs, collections).
  • Valuable tools to be used in future compensation and benefits planning and analysis.

“The compensation, production, and benefit benchmarks established by this study will provide children’s organizations with critical information needed to compete effectively for pediatric subspecialists and surgeons. Because of the number of children’s organizations that have expressed interest in this year’s study, it will contain benchmarks that have not been available in the standard, adult specialty-focused industry surveys,” stated Ms. Maria C. Hayduk, Senior Manager and head of ECG’s custom survey and proprietary research practice.

“Children’s hospitals, medical schools, and pediatric physician groups need compensation benchmarks in order to recruit and retain pediatric subspecialists,” said Mr. Kenneth A. Roorda, Senior Manager and head of ECG’s Children’s Hospitals practice. “Productivity benchmarks are also increasingly important as pediatric organizations seek improved performance.”

Electronic survey instruments are being distributed throughout February with a survey submission deadline of April 3. Survey results will be available by July; however, only those organizations actively participating will have access to this report.

For more information about this survey, please contact Ms. Hayduk at or Mr. Roorda at

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